What Makes a Good Website?

As the commercial internet is fast approaching its fourth decade in existence, the world wide web has become a vast source of information that we somewhat take for granted in our modern lives. Everything we want and need is right there at the tips of our fingers.

There are typically, two perspectives from which we need to look from to determine what makes a good website – from the website owner, and from the end user. Both will have different agendas, objectives, and what constitutes as a good website design is one that satisfies the needs of both parties.

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From the Business Owner’s Perspective

In today’s world, a website is a fundamental business asset. It could potentially become a new, high-yielding revenue stream, or at the very least, be the first touch point for the business with prospect customers. Regardless of its position within the business model, lots of thought and planning need to go into a website of any size or functionality.

Ironically, only two people really care about the look and feel of the website – the business owner and the web designer! Therefore, the aesthetics are only a small part of the website’s success story. With that said, the site does need to be an extension of the brand and become a brand ambassador with consistent colours, messaging, and presence.


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Ultimately, the key statistic a website owner needs to measure is conversion – how well a website enables and allows a visitor to complete a given task. That could be direct sales through ecommerce, capturing data via a web form, or simply serving up relevant information to inform and engage its visitors.

As simple as it sounds, a website conversion is the endpoint of a customer journey which has many variables that determines its success. From user-friendly navigation that allows visitors to efficiently work their way through the site to the end goal, through to good performance and loading speed, that allows visitors to satisfy their needs as quickly as possible. The “TikTok Effect” is very real, people have become impatient and will move on very quickly, so a well-structured and well organised website will increase its chances of conversion.

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From the End User’s Perspective

As we’ve touched on already, end users don’t really care about how a website looks. They won’t stop and stare at that 7-slide banner rotator on the homepage. Nor will they really care about your version 15 refresh.

All they really care about is can you serve them with the relevant information, product, or service in the best fashion at the quickest possible time.

As per a business owner’s perspective, there are many variables that determine the effectiveness of a website for an end user. One of the biggest factors is probably trustworthiness. Not only does a website need to be safe and secure regarding policies and protocols, but also trustworthy by means of the information the website serves. If a website or business can position themselves as a trusted advisor, one that offers relevant information, products, or services, then that site is well on its way to converting its visitors into customers. Sometimes, this can be as simple as adding customer reviews and testimonials to act as social proof and reassurance.

Satisfy All Users

Whilst there are many variables to consider, and there’s no one-size-fits-all, the overriding key to success for a website is to satisfy the needs of both the business owner and the website visitor at the same time. If the business has products to sell, then make it easy for your customers to purchase. If the business has a service to offer, then the website needs to clearly explain how the company has X solution to Y problem.

If the process of web design and development were to be broken down into fundamental steps, the design, look and feel will be towards the end of the process. More time and consideration should be given to determining what the business wants to achieve, how their customers think and behave and then join the dots to create a seamless, well-structured website that caters for needs of all parties and stakeholders.

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