TV Advertising: Then vs Now

Sky Adsmart

Previously it was a guessing game, buying airtime at the peak times between popular programs to get beamed into as many households as possible, but Sky was the first to change this thinking with their Sky Adsmart, a TV advertising product.

For those who don’t know, it’s a marriage of digital targeting and big-brand TV shows. Instead of chasing numbers, you buy the audience you need in the areas you want. This means if you’re a holiday company in Portsmouth, you can ask to target people living in Portsmouth whose digital print shows they have been looking at holidays and only they will see your ad.

On-demand TV or catch-up, allows you to use viewers’ digital footprint to capture the people you want with your advert. So, what does this mean? Well, for a fraction of the budgets Heinz, Mars, and Nicole’s Papa would have been paying, you can see your brand on TV, not only that but alongside high-quality TV shows. This also means you can invest in, arguably the most important part of any TV Campaign, your advert!

How Can You Present Your Brand?

Whilst, indeed, you can still spend six figures on a creative there are many cost-effective ways to present your brand in the best light possible. Animations are easier to produce without the pitfalls of actors’ licensing and location hire. Libraries like Shutterstock and Pexel offer stock footage that used smartly can create an advert with the illusion of a huge budget. Or by clever thinking, there is no reason you can’t create an impactful and memorable advert with a very small budget, any creative worth his tea should rise to this challenge.

If you have a clear vision for the campaign and stick to that plan the project can be brought in on budget, it’s when you deviate, under-prepare, and leave things to chance the costs can easily get away from you. There is an expression for this, and it’s called ‘drunk on set’.

TV Advertising

TV Adverts Today with CMe Media

TV adverts today can be achievable for most businesses, and you can see real results from it as well as the kudos you get from hearing someone say “I saw you on a TV advert last night”.

The CMe Media team has managed many TV projects from initial enquiry to beaming your ad on air, to providing real data on your campaign performance, and we’ve never been drunk on set…Well not in that context, but that’s another story for another time.

If you think your brand is ready to take the step up to being on TV, we would be more than happy to assist you with all aspects of the process, reach out to us today at

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