CMe Media Joins the Silver Marketing Association

In a world where marketing often targets the young and overlooks the mature, CMe Media takes a pioneering step forward by joining the Silver Marketing Association. This partnership symbolises a commitment to ethical marketing campaigns that respect and celebrate the diversity of the mature market. With a significant portion of the UK’s population being over 60, it’s time we reframe how we view and communicate with this influential demographic.

Recognising Diversity in Later Life

The Silver Marketing Association is at the forefront of a crucial movement: ensuring that the mature population in the UK is seen as the diverse group it truly is. The association strives to educate marketers on the importance of understanding and representing individuals over 60 with the respect and complexity they deserve.

Charisse Smith, CEO of CMe Media, shared her enthusiasm for joining the association, stating:

“”Too often, the narrative around the later life stage is oversimplified, ignoring the rich diversity within this demographic. The Silver Marketing Association champions a deeper understanding and better representation of this group, aligning perfectly with our mission at CMe Media. We are eager to contribute to and learn from this vital dialogue, ensuring our marketing practices celebrate and respect the complexity of the mature market.”

The Urgency of Addressing the Mature Market

Statistics reveal a compelling story: there are now more people in the UK aged over 60 than under 18, with over 65s making up almost one in five of the population. This demographic shift underscores the growing importance and influence of the mature market. Yet, despite their numbers and potential impact, older demographics are often overlooked or misunderstood by marketers.

The Silver Marketing Association passionately advocates for positive marketing towards older demographics. It campaigns against injustice or inequality, promoting best practice marketing that serves these audiences effectively and respectfully.

A Step Towards Inclusive Marketing​

CMe Media’s membership in the Silver Marketing Association marks a significant step towards inclusive marketing. By recognising the unique needs and values of the mature market, CMe Media aims to lead by example in delivering campaigns that are not only ethical but also resonate with this diverse and influential demographic.

In joining the Silver Marketing Association, CMe Media commits to being part of a crucial conversation: how to serve the mature market better. This partnership is not just about acknowledging the size and influence of this demographic but about respecting their diversity and crafting marketing messages that truly speak to them.

As we move forward, the collaboration between CMe Media and the Silver Marketing Association promises to pave the way for more inclusive and respectful marketing practices. It’s a commitment to ensuring that marketing not only reaches but also respects and celebrates the richness and diversity of life in later years.

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