Lead Nurturing - Should I Do It?

More web visitors. More leads. More sales. These are things we hear daily from our clients and to be honest can we blame them? This is what keeps businesses alive.

Will a few excellent ads be enough to satisfy that never ending hunger for sales?

According to research, for 10% of the cases, the answer is yes. This is the audience out there searching for products and services ready to buy – these are great numbers but what about the other 90%? The ones that are still in the research phase, just looking around, searching for your product, and going on your website but did not convert. They are interested, but need that extra push, how does this happen?

This is where lead nurturing comes into play.

What is lead nurturing, how does it work, and how can it be beneficial for my business? Read below to discover how you can get the best results for your leads – otherwise, get in touch with our team at CMe Media today!

What is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing is a marketing and sales process that develops the relationships between businesses and potential customers throughout their buying journey. Its main goal is to build, trust, and transform a prospect into a valuable customer.

This can be done through an established marketing strategy that consists of patience, knowledge and understanding of the needs of prospects so that we can provide the correct and valuable information they need.

This process comes right after the initial lead generation.

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Why Should We Nurture Leads?

Not all generated leads are sales ready. This is why having a nurturing process in place is so essential. The first thing it will help with is identifying and fast tracking the sales ready leads. Enrolling someone in your nurture campaigns allows you to convince them that your product/service is the best solution for them!

Other incredibly important things we can achieve through lead nurturing are:

  • The creation of a personalised sales process for every level of our funnel.
  • Establishing ourselves as experts while highlighting only what is necessary at a given moment!
  • Building stronger relationships through personalised content.
  • Increasing ROI.

How Does Lead Nurturing Work?

Lead nurturing does two main things: It converts leads and identifies areas of improvement for your sales funnel. If you manage to get both of these things to work, there is a huge opportunity for business growth and reaching your goals!

It is incredibly important to understand the needs of your customers. Learn about their behaviour:

  • How long does it take them to act on your website?
  • What pages are they looking at?
  • What information do they need so that they can move successfully down the funnel?
  • Are they responding to your communications?

The next step is turning all that information into a structured automated process that starts working like a machine. You keep pouring raw, cold prospects in it and it sends you back contacts ready to buy. This is where you will most likely need some help from an automated system that will do all the hard work for you.

After building this process and tailoring it according to your business needs, you will have to monitor it constantly and see what works and what doesn’t.

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Marketing Automation & Nurturing Campaigns

With the help of CRM systems, it is easier than ever to run tailored nurture campaigns at every level of your sales funnel. In those campaigns, you can incorporate a variety of actions that will help further develop the relationship with your leads. You can create automated emails, schedule calls and meetings, retarget through paid campaigns, and send newsletters and other marketing collateral.

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All in all, for lead nurturing to be successful it needs to meet the needs of your customers, be tailored to your business identity and most importantly not be overly sales like and pushy. The goal is to build trust and a long-lasting relationship with your customers and leads, not just to fill their inboxes with emails and voicemails! This can be a lengthy process for some (lasting many months), but it can also work straight away for others. It all depends on what level they are in the sales funnel.

Learn more with CMe Media and what your business can achieve today!

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