5 Outdoor Advertising Opportunities

Outdoor marketing continues to be a powerful tool for businesses seeking to increase their brand visibility and reach a wide audience. At CMe Media, we specialise in a range of outdoor marketing platforms, each offering unique advantages to suit different marketing needs. 

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Buses are more than just a mode of public transportation; they are moving billboards that traverse the heart of communities. Advertising on buses allows your brand to go where people go, mirroring the movement of the community. This constant mobility ensures that your message reaches a diverse audience, from busy professionals to residents. The dynamic nature of bus advertising provides broad and ever-changing exposure, making it an effective tool for building brand awareness.


Billboards are the most prominent form of outdoor advertising signs. Their large size and elevated positioning make them impossible to miss. Billboards offer several advantages, including high visibility, location-specific targeting, and a 24/7 presence. Whether placed along bustling highways or in key urban locations, billboards capture the attention of passersby, making a lasting impression.

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Rail Posters

Rail posters are strategically placed in train stations, offering high dwell time as commuters wait for their trains. This platform provides an opportunity for more detailed and engaging content, as the audience has more time to absorb the information. Rail posters can effectively target specific demographic groups based on the rail network’s routes and stations, making them a valuable tool for targeted advertising campaigns.

Phone Kiosks

Phone kiosks are prime real estate for advertising in busy town centres. Located in high-footfall areas, these kiosks catch the eye of shoppers, and tourists. Advertising on phone kiosks offers the advantage of proximity to retail locations, potentially influencing consumer behaviour at the point of purchase.

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Digital Billboards

Digital billboards represent the cutting edge of outdoor advertising banners. They offer stunning visuals and the flexibility to change artwork regardless of weather conditions. This dynamic platform allows for creative and engaging campaigns that can be updated in real time, making them highly relevant and timely. Digital billboards stand out for their ability to capture the attention of a tech-savvy audience and deliver messages with impact.

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