SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – getting into the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) at a half-decent position is no easy task and there are certainly no shortcuts. An agency that professes otherwise may be using not so “white-hat” methods.

We stick with tied and tested methods that will not get you a penalty, focusing on delivering …

Relevancy. Authority. Technology

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Content is king and by creating quality content on your site along with on-page optimisation we gradually conquer the long-tail searches that bring about short-tail rankings.

Creating content that matches search demand is key and understanding what content will create attention, interest, desire and action from a consumer is critical in getting results in terms of clicks, sales and enquiries.

But sometimes great content doesn’t exactly equal optimum results. You still need to a trusted source, from which the authority aspect of optimization takes on an entire responsibility.

It means that if you have sufficient links from a variety of trusted websites, the site you’re using will be viewed as trustworthy and in turn – your search engine will reward you with more optimum and relevant results.

Speed and security are top priorities  for consumers and therefore search engines have placed equal importance on these as ranking factors. In a mobile first world this has become ever more apparent and necessary to have a fast secure site.

Our SEO services covers all of this along with on-site optimisation to ensure that there are no technical issues that will stop you climbing the search engines.