PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is the main stay of search engine marketing or SEM if you want another acronym.

Put simply it is the search results that appear at the top of Google or BING when you search for a keyword like ‘bright pink t-shirt‘. The results you see at the top are sponsored i.e. someone has paid to appear for that particular search term.

Google Search PPC is based on keyword auctions which need consistent and professional optimisation.

Google Display Network is essentially display advertising across millions of websites as a third party and utilises itself in many different sizes and formats to showcase your adverts.

Not forgetting our good friend, Microsoft aka BING.

Often overlooked but with cost effective auctions, BING is brilliant for utilising your budget and is an absolute must when including this in your PPC strategy. Because the market is less cluttered the cost is substantially less and there is less bidding in your keyword auctions. Win, win!

Traffic Junky
Now, hear us out. It’s not for all but there is no doubt that there is a wealth of impressions and availability on adult networks. If you want to enter these display auctions we can help you do this.