Veganuary is coming to a close. And whether it inspired to go vegan, try more vegan foods or now name yourself firmly in the ‘flexitarian’ camp – it’s always interesting to see how brands advertise during this period.

We picked our some of our favourite campaigns across the month of Veganuary!


M&S – This is not just M&S food, this is VEGAN M&S Food

It’s got all the parts that we’ve come to enjoy about M&S TV adverts. The slow pan shots of the outrageously delicious food, spooning saucily here and there into bowls of Mac and Cheese and watching it as it hypnotises. Though everything you see is Vegan!

Quorn – The Resolutions You Can Keep 

Quorn are arguably one of the best known meat substitute brands in the country. As years have gone by however, more brands have got on board with offering a meat free option so it comes as no surprise that Quorn wanted a big, in-your-face, disruptive style  advert across Veganuary to remind all who’s boss!

Veganuary – Getting Bigfoot Involved 

If Bigfoot can do it, surely can’t you? The Veganuary movement itself took to online and across TV to showcase their animated Bigfoot telling us why HE chooses to be vegan and the positive impact on our planet.



It’s great to see the difference in approach across a vast range of brands and we look forward to 2022 where we will no doubt continue to see more adverts directed at the Vegan-curious!