With the rise of new technologies, platforms and formats we can see that audio media continues to grow and become a stronger market leader than before. Streaming and online audio all allow campaigns with solid, creative ideas and brand identity to talk to and engage audiences with a strong relationship with the content. Audio will remain a way to offer brands an option to gain attention and forge strong, personalised relationships.


Radio still accounts for most of the listening, but with the rise of audio options on mobile devices this means that people can listen to almost anything, anywhere at any given time. Here at CMe Media we have a wealth of knowledge, which allows us to utilise streaming advertising options for businesses of all sizes, New technology and digital innovation are evolving at a fast pace and are accelerating listening figures. We at CMe Media can help you be part of that trend.

DAX (Digital Audio Exchange) is a programmatic platform owned by Global. DAX allows advertisers to measure the performance of their digital audio ad campaigns, which gives advertisers access to an audience of over 160 million people across audio including Capital, Heart and Radio X, as well as platforms like SoundCloud, TuneIn and audioBoom.

DAX gives you the option to measure the performance of your audio ads from finding out what time your ad was listened, whether they visited your website and even as far as seeing how far the purchasing journey they went.

InStream is a digital audio listening platform that is owned by Bauer, which allows you to push adverts to specific audiences in specific locations. InStream is available across the following brands only – Absolute, Kiss, Kerrang and Planet Rock.

InStream acts just like your traditional radio advert, with the only difference being when listening on your mobile device an ad will appear on your screen as well as the audio, this in turn allows for a clickable and trackable link and takes the listener to the targeted website.

InStream offers two targeting options: logged in listeners and non-logged in. Logged in refers to the users that opt to provide some personal data when downloading the apps, this is optional but the benefit for the user is that they get less ads and more music and allows the option to target the ads, for example using demographics like gender and age. Non-logged in refers to those who do not opt to sign-in and therefore, the data is less accurate to track.

Spotify allows you to serve ads to Spotify Free users. You are able to target based on age, location, gender and musical tastes.

talkSPORT Instream allows listeners to listen to talkSPORT through any internet connected device, such as mobile and in-home devices. Instream has a more targeted approach so you are able to reach your target audience more efficiently, for example, geographically, which also aids in reducing wastage.

Another feature is talkSPORT’s latest in digital direct response technology. The interactive “Shake Me” technology allows brands to reach their desired audience. Listeners will heart a call to action advert, prompting them to shake their device. With just one shake, mobile listeners will be directed to the brand app/landing page. Shake me is great platform for direct response and data capture.

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