So, unless you live on the moon, you would have seen the story of billionaire Elon Musk launching a rocket into space. Actually, being on the moon isn’t really an excuse in this scenario.


I have no idea how much this endeavour cost him, I’m sure it’s on the Google somewhere, but I imagine it was a sh*t ton (I’m not an accountant). What struck me was as Mr Musk was spending a fortune getting into space he made sure he gave equal, if not priority of thought to what he was going to put in space when he got there. The result was perfect; an astronaut driving a Tesla (Elon Musk’s company) while David Bowie Space Oddity plays through the speakers on repeat and the message ‘Don’t Panic’ stamped on the dashboard. It all completes the operation beautifully.


When we buy advertising space for our clients, the team at CMe Media always stress the importance of what you fill that space with. We often see businesses investing large amounts to buy prominent space and the artwork, audio or any kind of production is left to the last minute and something/anything gets sent over. We encourage proper planning and preparation (yes, I was a military child) to make sure everything is working in unison to make the absolute most of the opportunity you’ve purchased.


This isn’t a pitch to spend more on your creative, it’s more a pitch that you shouldn’t scrimp on your creative and you certainly shouldn’t consider it the last little job in your space odyssey to be tied up quickly with not much thought. The space you purchase has one mission, be in the place the people you want to talk to are, but those people won’t appreciate that. What they appreciate is what they see or hear.


Like an astronaut cruising through space in a beautiful red roadster blasting out David Bowie.