The festive period is upon us and we’re sure you would of seen plenty of Christmas adverts back on your screens. Whether it be the famous John Lewis advert or the M&S advert that shines through for you, everyone has a Christmas advert that stays with them.

We wanted to ask our team what their favourite Christmas advert was and why to prove that some of those enchanting ads can stay with you for a whole host of different reasons.

I’ll kick off. In my opinion nothing could top the sweet Man On The Moon advert for John Lewis a few years ago. The little girl in the advert spots an elderly man living alone on the moon through her telescope and makes it her mission to send him a present at Christmas. The advert sees us out with the touching words “Show someone they’re loved this Christmas” and I implore anyone to not feel a little something in their hearts as he smiles with joy when receiving his present.


Next up, was Laura who picked the Sainsbury’s advert from 2014 as her favourite ever Christmas advert. This reflected on the famous story of the English and German troops putting down their weapons during Christmas and playing football together. The advert touchingly shows two young men Otto and Jim exchange a handshake both at the beginning and ending of their Christmas Day, depicting the sad truth that war brings. Laura said, “Christmas is a time of coming together and celebrating, regardless of our differences. There can be great humanity even in the darkest of times.” Agreed.

Marisa went for The Bear and The Hare, how could we forget Lily Allen’s rendition of Somewhere Only We Know for this one? Another John Lewis advert that moves us and reminds us of the power of friendship. This advert follows the journey of the Bear and the Hare who never get to spend Christmas together as the Bear hibernates, until the Hare cleverly thinks of a solution… I’ll be honest, from all the John Lewis adverts it was between this or the Man On The Moon for me – both brilliant contenders! Marisa said, “I love the music and how it narrates the story of their friendship, its very heart warming and who doesn’t love animals!”

Finally, Leigh chose an absolute classic which is the Coca Cola advert! I mean, what’s not to love? Everyone knows that when that appears on our screens, Christmas has officially begun and that’s all in the power of advertising. And on that note – holidays are coming, holidays are coming, holidays are coming…

The point is, isn’t incredible that years go by and these brands continue to recreate adverts annually but only some of them really stay with us? This shows the power of TV advertising completely and how brands and businesses have the ability to create something that audiences will discuss for years to come.

What will be the Christmas next advert that will stay with us? I look forward to investigating it!