Looking back on 2021 is an interesting one. It wasn’t as eventful as 2019 or 2020 for myself and the business and it’s felt almost like we were on a new upward journey.


I think the words ‘Give me a break please’ were frequently muttered under my breath and in my head. Bittersweetly, I think it makes us more resilient and the tests are there to help strengthen yourself, your business or your role.


We’ve adjusted like most businesses and re-built parts of everything from systems to the structure of our team. The sound of Teams ringing all day long and the daily schedule of Zoom or Teams invitations is the new norm. The labour has certainly been arduous and tiring yet very rewarding when you look back at how much has been achieved by everyone. We’re one in millions of businesses who have had to take stock and reshape, and if I’m honest I there are many things I don’t like at the moment (or perhaps it’s just getting used to them). Many things still need to change and sometimes it takes much longer than anticipated which can feel so frustrating.


That aside, there have been some great highlights after the turbulence.  Welcoming new talented colleagues into the CMe Media team has been one of them. The team exude passion and they have huge experience which is a necessity when you pride yourselves on delivering the excellent service that we expect.


As I’ve mentioned before in many social posts or on our website, we are fortunate to work hand in hand with growing and expanding businesses. Despite the pandemic, we’ve seen some fantastic growth stories. From new stores/branches/dealerships to those advancing into new territories to grow market share.


We were proud to be a part of launching the very first British Motor Show in years after 2 years of waiting. The hurdles the events industry have been faced with and the true resilience of Andy Entwistle whom, I’m sure at times was being tested to his limits with whether they could hold an event or not at the 11th hour. What a show. The footfall for an event at such a strange period of our time was incredible and we were delighted to be their media buying agency.


We are looking forward to many more exciting campaigns, projects and developments next year. I’m sure we are no different from everyone in saying that we’d like to see the back of COVID and move forward with our plans.


I want to thank our clients for their valued support and we wish them and their teams a happy Christmas and New Year.


Charisse x