The Advantages of Outsourcing Marketing

The UK’s projected ad spend is expected to reach £23.63 billion in 2020*, making marketing an integral part of a successful business. Everyone is doing it, so keeping up to date can be stressful.  There is a wide spectrum of adverting space; online, OOH, TV, radio, and pop up shops, the possibilities are endless. Many businesses are choosing to outsource their marketing to help save time, money, and stress.

Here are a few reasons you might consider it…

Agencies are specialists

Agencies might not know how to fix a car or sell a house, but they do know how to market products and plan campaigns to target a range of demographics. Planning a campaign is more than just picking a random radio campaign or billboard, it’s looking into the detail – what time are the radio ads playing? How many times will it play a day? What transmitters are best for you? What radio station fits your target audience the best? Where is this billboard? What demographic lives in or visits this location? Agencies will look at all the information and give you non-bias recommendations.

Budget Limits & Time Constraints

Agencies network so you don’t have to, saving you money and time. Agencies have well established connections with suppliers and work with many clients so they have a plethora of knowledge and book vast volumes of space which can result in discounted rates. The vital groundwork needed for a successful campaign can be time consuming and stressful, agencies take away this stress with no cost to you.

New Ideas

Agencies offer an outsider’s perspective; they take a step back from the everyday task of the business. A pair of fresh eyes can help determine new strategies and help determine if advertising content may be too complicated for an audience understand. Agencies are up to date with the latest technology, trends, and advertising platforms, so they could also suggest a new marketing approach you may be aware of.

Agencies are a massive support to many businesses; you decide how involved you want them to be. Whether it’s taking over your entire marketing plan or just to be a helping hand for your marketing team, they want to see you succeed.

–  Sophie


Do we all need a LaCava?

Recently, Tiger Woods won his 5th Masters and mentioned the special relationship he has with his Caddy, Joe LaCava. Tiger Woods had bogeyed the fourth and fifth shot to fall three shots back, with doubt creeping in, this is when LaCava earned his merit.

Tiger woods was quoted saying, “The talk that Joey and I had off of 5… I just listened. He was saying some things that I can’t really repeat here. Then I went into the restroom and proceeded to say the same things over and over to myself, and then came out and I felt a lot better.”

Thereafter, Tiger Woods returned to the green and the following outcome happened: par, birdie, birdie. He was back in the game.

A good agency is like having your own Joe LaCava. The Caddy’s job is to help with the club selection, read off the green and to help so the player doesn’t second guess himself when he steps up to the ball, giving the golfer the luxury of concentrating on the important things.

We all look for a LaCava as a way to make our life easier and help us with every upcoming bunker, when you want to buy a house do you google every estate agent looking for the best property or do you only search through Rightmove? When you want Home Insurance, do you call all the lenders or browse Compare the Market? The same can be done with cars and Autotrader, a plumber through Check-a-trade or a hotel through tripadvisor. We all have our own LaCava.

So why don’t you buy advertising this way?

Why do we find ways to save time and money in our personal lives but when it comes to marketing/advertising our business, we’re happy for it to consume our day? There are so many platforms, mediums and suppliers available today, how do you keep up to date on which is right, and which is wrong? 

The present model of buying advertising hasn’t changed over the last 15 years; you speak to a supplier who will send you a rep, the rep will try to sell their own products and services to you and will tell you why they’re better than anyone else.

Will they come to recommend another Supplier? No! So, you need to see another rep from another supplier who will tell you why they’re better and so on and so on.

Imagine a world where a supplier recommends another supplier because their product would be a better fit for your required ROI. A world where a supplier will say they don’t offer the right product for you, but you should call another supplier. Let’s face it, this won’t happen. 

But there is a LaCava of the marketing/advertising world.

Would you like a solution to which suppliers offer the best reach, the best ROI and which supplier can perform better than the other. As a marketing manager all you want is the information to make an informed choice, to have everything at hand, to know the investment you’re about to make is the right one. 

An agency, much like LaCava or a comparison websites are there to help and support their clients in making the right decisions, to help analyse the market place for the right product, to help save time but, more importantly, an agency becomes an extension of your team.

Marketing. A bit like picking out the perfect outfit.

Marketing. A bit like picking out the perfect outfit. It’s the image that you are trying to present to others; it starts with how you dress, the colours and design you choose.

You choose your image to portray yourself as a business professional, a rocker, an IT nerd, etc., and by doing so, you are expressing to others through your appearance, character, endearing attributes, and in the end, the value you offer to others.

Keeping on the appearance track, as much as we do not want to admit it, appearances are important – first impressions count and are driven by appearance. Whilst impressions can be moulded and changed later, they do require time and effort to change, so we do our best to get it right from the get-go.

How you “dress” your company will determine how effectively your message and image will be accepted by consumers.

Make your marketing your perfect outfit of the day.

Get in touch with us to get your brand seen and heard, by the right people, in the right locations, and at the right time. 

Be heard by the right people, at the right time.

Audio is driving the creative revolution.

Radio accounts for 75% of all listening, but with the rise in new audio formats such as podcasts and streamed music services, listeners have more options now than ever.

Radio advertising is an effective way to reach your target audience and it gives you the chance to get very creative on a small budget when compared to other mass broadcast media like TV. When thinking about a radio ad, repetition is recognition, how often your target audience hear your creativity is crucial.

If you want your ad heard by your listeners, it needs to air multiple times (at least 3 times!). Running your commercial once a week for a month isn’t going to be enough. It is all about where and when your target audience are likely to be listening.

Creativity and radio go hand-in-hand.

Writing a script for radio is a tricky task, you have to be clear and concise right from the start; your listeners cannot rewind a commercial if they missed a message – you need to grab their attention immediately and hold onto it. It’s an interesting balance to strike but using creativity and personality you can write an engaging, unique script.

“Radio is one of the rare medias that is consumed whilst doing other things, washing up, doing a sudoku or driving a car. What the creative has to do is cut through and grab people’s attention. Get in their consciousness and make them want to listen. It’s not easy but, if you can make them invest their attention in what you are saying then your creative has achieved its job in delivering it’s message” – Jon Hiscock, Creative Art Director, CMe Media

CMe Media have access to an in-house audio specialists’ who love to make you sound good!

We can help you identify where audio is important to you and work with you to create a distinct sound that will reflect, protect and uphold your brand and deliver messages to your audience.

With over 40 years’ collective team experience, CMe Media have the contacts and the know-how to get your adverts heard on the right stations and platforms. With in-depth knowledge using correlative mapping throughout the UK, we can target the right audience to make the impact that you need. There are so many ways audio impacts your relationship with your customers, so wouldn’t it be nice to have someone you can turn to, to ensure you sound the very best you can.

If you want to find out more about radio advertising or want to get your ad heard and not forgotten, then get in touch with us at CMe Media.

A brand by any other name is still a brand?

What’s in a brand? How do you define your visual identity?

Do you still remember a bad first impression? A bad first impression is hard to shake, especially when you’re competing with so many other individuals (or companies).

Studies have showed that within the first 5 seconds people form judgements about likeability, competence, attractiveness, to even trustworthiness. The question to ask when taking this into consideration is:

“What judgement will people form about your brand within the first 5 seconds of exposure?”

With a reaction time like that, you need a clean, sharp and crisp representation of your brand. Anything else would allow people to associate your brand with the complete opposite. It’s clear that a strong visual identity is important, but what exactly is a visual identity? And how do you go about creating one?

Your visual identity comprises of your logo, typography, images, creative design and even the colours used. We can all list these out and on paper, sure, it will make you stand out; but how do you get to the heart of how these elements to communicate to your customers who you are, what you stand for, and why they should be loyal to you?

Knowing your audience is important.

Decide how you want to resonate with them and continually tie that back to your core values. The key is to start from what you know, what you are good at and strongly believe in and let your brand evolve.

Always ask yourself: How is my brand going to be powerful and effective but still simple? When you’re developing your visual identity, always drive what you’re doing back to your mission to keep your brand on track.

If you think about brands to date which have kept to their core values and resonate with their target audience, you would be able to list them off seamlessly.

Your visual identity is just part of building your brand, you must learn how to convey the values and personality of your business. Value to you may be different to someone else, it comes in many forms from customer service, how you engage your target audience or the product you deliver.

Not sure about your brand strategy? The CMe Media team have a wealth of knowledge and expertise who can help save your time, so you don’t waste yours to find the right target audience for you and help you build your brand awareness.

Sophie’s Post

Hi, I’m Sophie and for the last year I have been working at CMe Media as part of my Business Administration Apprenticeship. I just thought I would share my thoughts and impressions of my first year working in media sales.


The first thing I’d have to say is it’s been an eye-opener! It has totally flipped my perspective on all things advertising that can influence your day by day life and the different ways you can reach audiences with messages.


Before I joined the team I already had a good understanding of digital advertising and how that works. However, I was soon being introduced to so many marketing methods. It’s been really interesting to learn the effectiveness of different platforms and discovering the best ways to utilise them.


I particularly enjoyed working with OOH, which is outdoor advertising like billboards and digital screens. Looking at good locations, and the reasons why one board will reach a better audience than another one. Since I’ve been talking to the various billboard suppliers I find myself pointing out billboards to friends saying, “that one is owned by JC Decaux” but of course other Outdoor suppliers are available!


As CMe Media are one of the biggest buyers of radio I have been lucky to get a real insight into this medium. It’s been fascinating to analyse all the different radio stations, which best suit our clients and why? Plus, every quarter we have to review who is up and who is down when RAJAR comes out.  As I’m working alongside Jon the Creative Director, I also get to see how radio adverts take shape right from the first idea to hearing the finished product being broadcasted on the radio.


Another surprise for me was how many newspapers we buy space in, you would be amazed how many different titles there are bringing news to people up and down the country. Part of my job is to stay across these papers researching their circulation and readership and ensuring we are getting the best value for money in the space we buy. In a time where we are all looking for the newest and unique ways to advertise it is refreshing to know that good old newspapers still have a huge part to play and deliver real results.


So, if I had to sum up my first year it’s been a steep learning curve but having a good team around me and the wonderful suppliers I work with have really helped me. Each day brings a new challenge and a new platform to understand and utilise. Whether it be SMS marketing, targeted advertising through apps or even TV it makes me excited to not only share these opportunities with our clients but grow my own personal skills base and confidence.


So, if you wanted to know more about these opportunities or just to see what the team at CMe Media could do for your business, why don’t you give us a quick ring on 02380 170 955 and we would be happy to help


Don’t Be A Data Hater

Don’t be a data hater…It’s time to move on

I don’t know what GDPR stands for.

I don’t know how much data you lost.

But I do know you didn’t lose anything that matters.

I heard a new word today…A gimcrack. Something that is faulty or shoddy but looks deceptively attractive. I hate to be the one to say it, but your data was a gimcrack.

Hold on, don’t start getting all bent out of shape, look at it this way; GDPR gave you a chance to find out if all those emails and printed postcards were worth the time and effort. If you lost a huge chunk of your data I would suggest not. It seems your big numbers were just meat in the room. Maybe at one point they were interested in what you had to say but nothing last forever and no matter how much you wooed them the second they could drop you they left your suitcase on the lawn and blocked your number.

But don’t despair the right people are still out there. The ones who like you for who you are. You’ve just got to find them.
It would be easy to turn to the internet and don’t get me wrong many people find each other online. But…All that time spent with your data has left you lazy and out of shape, too comfortable firing off an email or two every quarter. It’s time to get up smarten up and start going to the places potential new customers are showing them how good you look. They’re listening to the radio and watching TV, they’re reading newspapers and magazines, they’re driving past billboards and shopping near digital screens, they’re streaming music and going to events. These are the places where you will find love again. A real love based on give and take and not a one-sided affair of unrequited mailers.
Once you get into all these places and introduce yourself to so many new people you’ll forget those ungrateful unsubscribers you wasted so much time on and you’ll have a lovely big list of admirers who actually want to hear from you.

CMe Media specialise in traditional advertising avenues like Outdoor, Broadcast and Print and we can help you navigate the different opportunities and our buying service is at no cost to you, simply put “we don’t charge for our time, but we save yours”
Talk to the team at CMe Media today on 02380 170 955 and replace that post GDPR data with something better.

IMPACTS, ROI = Typical Advertising Agency Team Meeting Topics

I thrive on a good catch-up session with the team and talking about the latest news in the media world. During our discussion on the list of late space offers with our out-of-home suppliers for June, our agenda took a different turn and as a team we ended up discussing the impact and power of out-of-home advertising.

As a mum who has children and someone who understands the issues about healthy eating and raising our children in a healthy world, I still struggle to understand why it’s the same price or cheaper to buy a large sharing bag of fizzy sweets or caramel layered chocolate pieces, rather than a single small 30g bar of chocolate. Handing a huge bag to a child and expecting them to stop after just a few is very difficult.
I recently heard a very impactful radio campaign which was for Cancer Research, I believe. It had a question, ‘What is the second biggest cause of Cancer in the UK’? Cigarettes is the UK’s number one biggest killer, closely followed by obesity.  I was surprised by this, especially since the number of large sweet bags increases and the range of fast food drive thru’s are also growing.
It’s no surprise that the UK’s obesity levels have tripled over the last 30 years in the UK, with the level of advertising placements that entice us in with their delicious and tasty looking images on so many billboards, bus stops and train stations at all times of the day. You are guaranteed at some stage when you feel hungry to be lured into a swayed decision.
As an advertising agency mapping hundreds of billboards and out-of-home options for clients on a weekly basis, we understand the power and cost effectiveness of some of out-of-home locations.
It seems the Mayor of London is with us on this with his proposal last week. If you missed it, Sadiq Khan the London City Mayor is targeting goods high in salt, fat and sugar to address the ‘timebomb’ of child obesity. If the proposal is approved, fast food adverts are to be banned from London’s tube and bus network to control a prevalent of childhood obesity.
Sadiq Khan clearly understands the power of out-of-home advertising! The food giants have invested in London alone in 2016/17 £20million in advertising and the TFL network accounts for £13million of this spend.
Whilst there could be a nice bit of availability in the City when and if this comes into play, it will demonstrate the power of this media vehicle to other brands, products and businesses.
Personally, I agree with his decision, especially after hearing his strong statement claiming, ‘obesity is a ticking timebomb’.
Success and post campaign analysis are so important to a client and any advertising agency. Hearing the success of sales of these fatty, high sugar, salty foods and then hearing that the country is getting fatter, obese and unhealthier begs the question. Would these campaigns be deemed successful?
Our conclusion as a team, is that salads will take over the TFL network and we’ll need to grow more lettuces then we’ve ever needed before in this country! But, that won’t be a bad thing hey? Of course, if superfoods are more your thing the why not head over to Grape Tree where their range of superfoods that will really get your body kick started!

Make the most of Space


So, unless you live on the moon, you would have seen the story of billionaire Elon Musk launching a rocket into space. Actually, being on the moon isn’t really an excuse in this scenario.


I have no idea how much this endeavour cost him, I’m sure it’s on the Google somewhere, but I imagine it was a sh*t ton (I’m not an accountant). What struck me was as Mr Musk was spending a fortune getting into space he made sure he gave equal, if not priority of thought to what he was going to put in space when he got there. The result was perfect; an astronaut driving a Tesla (Elon Musk’s company) while David Bowie Space Oddity plays through the speakers on repeat and the message ‘Don’t Panic’ stamped on the dashboard. It all completes the operation beautifully.


When we buy advertising space for our clients, the team at CMe Media always stress the importance of what you fill that space with. We often see businesses investing large amounts to buy prominent space and the artwork, audio or any kind of production is left to the last minute and something/anything gets sent over. We encourage proper planning and preparation (yes, I was a military child) to make sure everything is working in unison to make the absolute most of the opportunity you’ve purchased.


This isn’t a pitch to spend more on your creative, it’s more a pitch that you shouldn’t scrimp on your creative and you certainly shouldn’t consider it the last little job in your space odyssey to be tied up quickly with not much thought. The space you purchase has one mission, be in the place the people you want to talk to are, but those people won’t appreciate that. What they appreciate is what they see or hear.


Like an astronaut cruising through space in a beautiful red roadster blasting out David Bowie.

Adverts stepping up

I decided to switch off a bit over the Christmas and New Year break. I ate sausage rolls, played with my kids’ toy’s, had a few drinks and watched a lot of TV; including 3 films about a Panda who masters Kung Fu!

The by-product of all this TV watching is TV adverts, and one TV advert in particular caught my eye. No, it wasn’t the ‘monster under the bed’ or the man who would rather pay through the nose for carrots from McDonalds. It was Rightmove’s new commercial called ‘Life’s Steps’. You may have seen it, it’s the one with the elderly gentleman called Graham being called upstairs by his wife. For those of a puerile persuasion get your heads out the gutter for a moment and accept she is calling him upstairs to assist with something entirely innocent.

In all seriousness, what we are treated to is a beautiful and poignant montage of the various journeys he has made up those stairs and for what reasons. We see him carrying a tool kit, breakfast in bed for his wife, carrying the hoover, a bedtime cup of tea in his dressing gown and, in a nod to the time of year, a box of Christmas decorations, all beautifully observed and relatable. While this is going on we see the seasons changing outside the window as we move through his life.

So far so good and I’m bracing myself for more information on how I can purchase a stair lift, then boom! My heart is ripped out of my chest. As Graham makes his way back down the stairs he fades away. The pictures on the wall and furniture disappear. The music stops and we are left with an empty shell of a house. Oh my god…Graham has died. That lovely old man has died.

The door opens and a toddler enters the house heading straight for the stairs; the music kicks up again and Rightmove reveal themselves with the slogan ‘When life moves, make your rightmove’. I’m thinking to myself this is all very nice and I’m happy the young family are beginning their life in this house, but why-oh-why did it have to be over the corpse of Graham? The lovely old man who takes his wife breakfast in bed.

Before I can compose my voice to tell my wife I must have something in my eye, Graham is back! Now living in a bungalow! His wife is still constantly calling him from other rooms but hey, he is alive.


I love how this ad toys with our emotions and makes us invest in the personalities and emotions that actually make a home and uses recognisable signifiers we all relate to. It takes you down a path that leaves you wanting more, unable to walk away from what you are seeing and then holds you until the last possible second before releasing you with a wonderful pay off. A charming and beautiful commercial expertly executed.