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Sophie’s Post

Hi, I’m Sophie and for the last year I have been working at CMe Media as part of my Business Administration Apprenticeship. I just thought I would share my thoughts […]

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Make the most of Space

  So, unless you live on the moon, you would have seen the story of billionaire Elon Musk launching a rocket into space. Actually, being on the moon isn’t really […]

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Adverts stepping up

I decided to switch off a bit over the Christmas and New Year break. I ate sausage rolls, played with my kids’ toy’s, had a few drinks and watched a […]

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It’s Christmaaaaaass!

Christmas for most begins when the Coca-Cola adverts reaches the TV’s of millions of people across the UK. The Jingle of the bells, the red cheery Santa, the big branded […]

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No Radio experience? No problem.

During our day at CMe Media, we always have the radio on and tuned to local stations so we can monitor our client’s advertising.

A by-product of this is we get to hear and know all the local Radio Presenters, many of which will be unheard of outside of their TSA.

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You need a plan

In business today people always talk about a plan.

“You’ve got to have a plan”

As a business owner myself, it made me think, “am I doing this right?” In fact, have I ever been doing it right?

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