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A nationwide used car website, which acts as a platform for car dealers to sell their cars through their website, wanted to expose their brand to as many dealers to sign them up to the platform. They asked CMe Media to plan and deliver an outdoor campaign across 2023.

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The client supplied us with a huge number of postcodes they wanted to target covering various car dealers with various levels of importance.

We immediately reached out to all our outdoor suppliers and requested full availability across the year. This was a huge amount of data that was then mapped across the locations.

We then selected the priority boards based on their radius of target dealers and availability and then presented the options back in a simple proposal allowing for the client to make selections.

Once we had achieved the coverage the client was happy with, we set about planning, negotiating the rate and booking the sites.

We then prepared a simple-to-follow flight plan that showed them exactly when and where their boards would be running.

We also worked closely with their design agency to ensure all artwork was delivered and ready for posting providing clear deadlines.


We provided a Post Campaign Analysis for the client which they were able to use with their research to deliver to their key shareholders.

At the end of the campaign, we had delivered 74 billboards across 62 targeted postcodes delivering over 157 million impacts.

The client was over the moon with the service we had delivered by eliminating a huge labour-intensive task that would have drained their internal resources immensely.

They were so pleased they immediately engaged us to plan and deliver the 2024 outdoor campaign and asked us to plan a deliver their 2023 TV campaign.

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