It’s a question you get asked all of the time and something you see on most websites from proud
reputable businesses. We certainly are a respectable and highly recommended Media Advertising
Agency who are proud of f what we have to offer.

Charisse started in media at the age of 17 and quickly felt the satisfaction of delivering a marketing channel
and opportunity to businesses all over the world. (Well, she did work for a scuba diving magazine after all!) After that a 7-year love affair started with the radio industry creating audio stories, sounds and campaigns that would reach a mass audience with endless creativity.

With the passion and love for media and the reputation of delivering successful campaigns, the
burning desire to spread the success and expand the opportunities to clients spurred Charisse on to
work with some great businesses as a consultant.

Big plans and exciting ideas began to grow brand CMe Media into a national media buyer with a
difference and has now been in motion over the past 7 years.

Having a team was always central to the CMe
plan and this started back in 2015 when Charisse’s Mum, Belinda left her business to roll up her
sleeves and manage the finances of the rapidly growing CMe operation.

There, began a growth that enabled giving businesses access to a highly experienced media team. We began to help business owners, marketing teams or simply individuals put themselves on the map and in front of their audiences. Our clients have fondly told us, CMe is “an extension of their marketing department.”