What's the story?

It’s a question you get asked all of the time and something you see on most websites from proud
reputable businesses. We certainly are a respectable and highly recommended Media Advertising
Agency who are proud of what we have to offer.

Charisse started in media at the age of 17 and quickly felt the satisfaction of delivering a marketing channel
and opportunity to businesses all over the world. (Well, she did work for a scuba diving magazine after all!) After that a 7-year love affair started with the radio industry creating audio stories, sounds and campaigns that would reach a mass audience with endless creativity. From there, a passion and love for media drove Charisse to expand opportunities to more clients, becoming a consultant and thus CMe Media was born.

Fast forward seven years and CMe Media is now a nationwide media buyer with an exciting and extensive client range and a team of brilliant individuals behind Charisse at the healm.

As an agency our mission is to slot right into your team and make your passion and ideas come to life through the power of marketing. We are bursting with creative ideas on how to engage and entice your audience, helping you get the best return on investment

Most importantly we take pride in being a fully transparent agency, where we don’t charge for our time but we save yours.

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