Veganuary 2022

Veganuary is coming to a close. And whether it inspired to go vegan, try more vegan foods or now name yourself firmly in the ‘flexitarian’ camp – it’s always interesting to see how brands advertise during this period.

We picked our some of our favourite campaigns across the month of Veganuary!


M&S – This is not just M&S food, this is VEGAN M&S Food

It’s got all the parts that we’ve come to enjoy about M&S TV adverts. The slow pan shots of the outrageously delicious food, spooning saucily here and there into bowls of Mac and Cheese and watching it as it hypnotises. Though everything you see is Vegan!

Quorn – The Resolutions You Can Keep 

Quorn are arguably one of the best known meat substitute brands in the country. As years have gone by however, more brands have got on board with offering a meat free option so it comes as no surprise that Quorn wanted a big, in-your-face, disruptive style  advert across Veganuary to remind all who’s boss!

Veganuary – Getting Bigfoot Involved 

If Bigfoot can do it, surely can’t you? The Veganuary movement itself took to online and across TV to showcase their animated Bigfoot telling us why HE chooses to be vegan and the positive impact on our planet.



It’s great to see the difference in approach across a vast range of brands and we look forward to 2022 where we will no doubt continue to see more adverts directed at the Vegan-curious!

Keeping Up With New Years Resolutions - Could Podcasts Help?

According to YouGov, 1 in 7 of us in the UK have made New Years resolutions with a whopping 49% of those pledging to dedicate more time to health and fitness. (

One of our New Years resolutions was to get out and about on a lunch time walk everyday 🚶‍♀️
What better companion for your walk than a podcast?

We work with all kinds of suppliers of Podcasts, but working with Acast made us realise just how much is on offer in the world of podcasting.

They have a wide range of categories to keep those walkers company – from Business to Games & Hobbies right through to Comedy.

We help our clients use this space to get to the ears of those eager listeners  who are likely to be listening more than ever during their January commitments to themselves! Whilst they may be cursing that 45 minute walk at lunchtime with the unpredictable British weather, they’ll still be sticking in those headphones and going for a stroll.

Brands are able to sponsor podcasts with Acast in a variety of ways, through having adverts slotted into listeners favourite podcasts at the beginning, middle or end of their podcasts (also known as pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll) or actually having Host-Read sponsorship. This enables the presenters of the podcasts to actually endorse a brand or product with the voices of those much loved downloaded pods!

Compared to TV or radio, podcast advertising requires a significantly lower ad load. That means greater share of voice for brands and sponsors within each episode, less noise, and listeners who are more receptive to your messages.

Ads in podcasts are part of the overall storytelling, seamlessly integrated into the narrative. They’re perceived as less intrusive, so listeners have less inclination to skip them, compared to traditional media. (Acast, 2021)

Acast are also home to some of the best loved podcasts in the UK from Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place,  The Guardian podcasts, Football Ramble and Jessie Ware’s Table Manners. Advertisers are able to target locally with their message so it’s not just UK wide brands that just benefit either.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how your business or brand can start advertising via Podcasts then speak to us. CMe prides itself on being an arm of your marketing team and we are able to plan your podcasting campaign from start to finish so you don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting.