Don’t be a data hater…It’s time to move on

I don’t know what GDPR stands for.

I don’t know how much data you lost.

But I do know you didn’t lose anything that matters.

I heard a new word today…A gimcrack. Something that is faulty or shoddy but looks deceptively attractive. I hate to be the one to say it, but your data was a gimcrack.

Hold on, don’t start getting all bent out of shape, look at it this way; GDPR gave you a chance to find out if all those emails and printed postcards were worth the time and effort. If you lost a huge chunk of your data I would suggest not. It seems your big numbers were just meat in the room. Maybe at one point they were interested in what you had to say but nothing last forever and no matter how much you wooed them the second they could drop you they left your suitcase on the lawn and blocked your number.

But don’t despair the right people are still out there. The ones who like you for who you are. You’ve just got to find them.
It would be easy to turn to the internet and don’t get me wrong many people find each other online. But…All that time spent with your data has left you lazy and out of shape, too comfortable firing off an email or two every quarter. It’s time to get up smarten up and start going to the places potential new customers are showing them how good you look. They’re listening to the radio and watching TV, they’re reading newspapers and magazines, they’re driving past billboards and shopping near digital screens, they’re streaming music and going to events. These are the places where you will find love again. A real love based on give and take and not a one-sided affair of unrequited mailers.
Once you get into all these places and introduce yourself to so many new people you’ll forget those ungrateful unsubscribers you wasted so much time on and you’ll have a lovely big list of admirers who actually want to hear from you.

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