Christmas for most begins when the Coca-Cola adverts reaches the TV’s of millions of people across the UK. The Jingle of the bells, the red cheery Santa, the big branded Coca-Cola lorry passing through cities and towns, this is advertising at its best. As we all know, Santa hasn’t always been red, traditionally he was green, but Coca-Cola changed that all with the power of branding.

Following the success of the Coca-Cola advert, many retailers started getting clever with the way they portray their products at Christmas. Now, every year we eagerly wait for the Christmas adverts to appear to see which one’s pull on our heart strings and which ones don’t quite make the cut. It’s fierce competition and all big retailers must be ready to spend, spend, spend if they want to stay high above the rest.

6) Introducing the 2017 Christmas advert from John Lewis. With months of preparation and a campaign budget reaching around £7million, it’s no wonder John Lewis get it right every time. Their ideas are unique and incredibly heart-warming, not to mention clever. Making a product the star of the show is a fantastic way to drive people in stores and online. The star projector lamp is already sold out on their website and I expect stock is sparse instore as well. Well played John Lewis.


4) Aldi is back with the infamous Kevin the carrot who saves a love interest, Katie the carrot of course, from a rogue pea. We know that Kevin and Katie are carrots, but who doesn’t enjoy a good love story.


3) Lidl’s adverts in General always hit the nail on the head in comedy value and their Christmas ad is no exception. The advert shows a man with a mince pie always in hand acting out every day domestic chores, I think we can all relate to this. Nothing like a mince pie to get you into the festive spirit.


2) This one I found surprisingly endearing and I think may be my favourite Christmas advert so far. McDonalds have produced a sweet story about a young girl who wants to save her last carrot for the reindeer, but when they arrive home the older brother reminds them that there is more than one reindeer, so dad must go back to McDonalds to get more carrots. For most parents, convincing their child to believe in Santa is extremely trying, many go to great lengths to keep the magic alive for as long as possible. I’m sure there are many parents sat at home watching this advert, nodding their head in agreement.


1)Paddington Bear, do I need to say anymore than that? This year M&S have outdone themselves with the beloved Paddington, innocently helping “Santa” deliver presents to houses around the neighbourhood, he doesn’t seem to understand that this Santa is a burglar, who by the end has a change of heart when Paddington shows him kindness, reinforcing the message that kindness goes a long way especially at Christmas time. Try not to cry, as this advert will definitely pull on the heart strings.


The level of competition is certainly very high this year, but who’s advert will come out on top. Only time and sales will tell.

Merry Christmas!